About MuslimMan™

MuslimMan™ is a lifestyle brand for Muslim men. We launched first as a daily newsletter – think Morning Brew, The Hustle, Exec Sum – publishing three times a week. As we grow, we'll expand to other media – podcasting, film, magazines. Our editorial vision is simple:

  • Does it help Muslim men?

  • Is it relevant?

  • Is it positive?

If we answer yes to all three questions, we'll publish it. Any media we create will entertain, educate and elevate our readers.

Who's Behind MuslimMan™

MuslimMan™ was founded by Nabeel Azeez, an entrepreneur and content creator based in Dubai, who self-funded its creation and bootstraps its growth. He owns two other successful businesses, is a family man and an amateur boxer. Follow Nabeel on Twitter.

The MuslimMan™ Team

We work with a small team of writers and content creators, all Muslim men. There are no volunteers. Every team member is paid a fair wage for the work they do. We do not work with women.

MuslimMan™ is Not Free

While much of our material is made available to you at no cost, the work we do is not free. MuslimMan™ is a business and we fund our work by offering products and services to offer our readers. The first product we launched was our book, 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man, which has sold 170+ copies (and counting.)

Other products in our roadmap include a paid newsletter, a clothing line, health supplements and business consulting for brands. We also offer advertising space to brands that fit our editorial vision.

How to Support MuslimMan™

If you have no interest in our products or services, you can still support our work by sharing it with other Muslim men. As an incentive, we'll be launching a referral program where you'll win gifts whenever men subscribe to our newsletter through you. You can also follow us on social media: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok.