40 Traits of a Good Man

A List for Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

  1. His intentions are righteous

  2. He does what he says

  3. He stands against evil

  4. He remembers Allah

  5. He masters fundamentals

  6. He never stops learning

  7. He learns from experience

  8. He stands for the truth

  9. He has unimpeachable character

  10. He has impeccable manners

  11. He is a survivalist

  12. He is a medic

  13. He looks after himself

  14. He values his privacy

  15. He has read widely

  16. He values his time

  17. He is resourceful

  18. He is an ascetic

  19. He is dependable

  20. He has a trade

  21. He leads his household

  22. He is protective

  23. He treats women well

  24. He is an involved father and a dutiful son

  25. He is a loyal brother

  26. He is a leader

  27. He is a problem-solver

  28. He is just and merciful

  29. He is generous

  30. He is a masterful communicator

  31. He is strategic

  32. He is forbearing

  33. He is physically fit

  34. He is competitive

  35. He is a skilled warrior

  36. He is brave

  37. He is selfless

  38. He is a man’s man

  39. He is confident

  40. He is prepared to die

It may interest you to know that this is also the chapter list of 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man. We cover each of these traits in exhaustive detail. And when I say exhaustive, there are 990 citations over 391 pages. If you don’t have a copy yet, get it here.

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