47 Questions About Islam Answered

Call-In Show With Mike Cernovich

A few years ago I was interviewed by Mike Cernovich for his Youtube channel. This is the recording of that interview. Mike and I answered questions from our Twitter followers and then we took calls from listeners.

Time Stamps

Time-stamps for all questions and answers:

  • [03:38] What do you think about protests against Shariah Law in U.S., U.K., and other Western nations?

  • [06:10] Why don’t more Muslims condemn terrorist attacks by extremist Muslims?

  • [11:10] When will the Islamic flag fly over Londonistan?

  • [12:40] Why do some Muslims hate Saudi Arabia?

  • [16:50] Why do we need any Muslims at all in the U.S.A.?

  • [17:34] Why do you think Muslims are better off living in Muslim countries?

  • [19:00] In what way do you think a Muslim and a non-Muslim have completely different world views?

  • [21:48] Would it be fair to say that if millions of Muslims move into Europe, they will want to have a Muslim nation?

  • [24:30] Is Islam a patriarchal religion?

  • [26:05] Why do some people say, “there’s no such thing as moderate Islam?”

  • [27:58] Do Islam and t*rr*rism go together?

  • [30:40] Are you doing Taqiyya?

  • [33:30] What conversations do we need more of between Muslims and non-Muslims?

  • [37:10] What are some of the causes of radical Islamic t*rr*rism?

  • [43:40] What is Shariah Law? Are you pro-Shariah Law? What’s your take on female genital mutilation?

  • [49:27] Why do Muslims hate dogs?

  • [51:00] What are the top two misunderstandings held by Americans about Muslims?

  • [51:35] What is a Caliphate and how does it differ from Shariah Law?

  • [55:15] You and Tommy Robinson were supposed to have a debate. What happened to that?

  • [1:05:35] Did Prophet Muhammad marry a child bride?

  • [1:08:50] Is it appropriate to ever criticize Prophet Muhammad? What happens when a Muslim herself criticizes Prophet Muhammad?

  • [1:10:35] You said that Muslims don’t worship Prophet Muhammad, and also that it’s not allowed to criticize Muhammad. Why the discrepancy?

  • [1:12:20] Why are ex-Muslims afraid to come out as ex-Muslims?

  • [1:14:30] When a Muslim couple divorce, is the man automatically given custody of the children?

  • [1:15:30] Is the way women are treated in the Muslim world a matter of religion or a a matter of culture?

  • [1:18:15] Is marital r*pe allowed in Islam?

  • [1:20:00] Is it allowed for adult Muslim men to marry 9 year old girls in the current year?

  • [1:22:55] What are the equivalent of the Ten Commandments in Shariah Law?

  • [1:24:20] Why do Muslims cause violence and mayhem when non-Muslims draw cartoons of Muhammad?

  • [1:27:00] What is Wahhabism? What should non-Muslims know about the different Muslim sects in Islam?

  • [1:29:30] Does the presence of Wahhabi Muslim imams in non-Muslim countries increase the risk of Muslims becoming radicalized and increase the risk of t*rr*rist attacks?

  • [1:33:35] Why is it that in every country with a large Muslim population, there is t*rr*rism?

  • [1:35:30] Has the Quran been preserved in its original form since the time of Prophet Muhammad?

  • [1:38:30] What authority do Hadith have in Islam? How are Hadith used to interpret Islam?

  • [1:42:00] Why was the motivation for Prophet Muhammad attacking the non-Muslim Arabs after he moved from Makkah to Medina?

  • [1:45:38] Do verses in the Quran that mention violence against disbelievers apply to a specific time in history, or do they apply in general to all Muslims for all times?

  • [1:48:35] When Aisha was married to Prophet Muhammad, did she have any ability to consent to the marriage?

  • [1:52:40] When princess Safiyyah married Prophet Muhammad after her tribe had been defeated at the battle of Khaybar, did she consent to the marriage?

  • [2:02:00] If Islam is so perfect, why has it failed to protect any God-given, unalienable rights in Muslim countries?

  • [2:13:00] How much tolerance should non-Muslims have to Muslims when Muslims treat non-Muslims with bigotry?

  • [2:15:30] How should Muslims live together with non-Muslims when there are “No-go Zones” in Muslim communities where non-Muslims aren’t safe to be in?

  • [2:21:45] Nabeel, do you disavow Muhammad?

  • [2:28:40] How prevalent is homosexuality in Muslim societies?

  • [2:29:50] How do you feel about Jews? Do you believe the Holocaust happened?

  • [2:38:00] How should non-Muslims deal with the demographic replacement in their countries?

  • [2:39:00] Are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all “Abrahamic faiths”?

  • [2:41:00] How much of Muslim behavior and religious practice is Arab culture?

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