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I got an email from a Muslim man interested in taking up copywriting because he wants to make money online fast. Copywriting is not a good way to make money online fast.

What's a good way to make money online fast? Take whatever skills you already have and offer those services as a consultant.

There are a ton of ways to make money online. And all of them need competence in particular skills before you can start earning with them. If those skills are new to you, it’s obvious that there will be a delay between when you start and when you start earning.

Say you choose freelance copywriting. You need to:

  • Learn copywriting

  • Learn how to find clients

  • Learn sales

That’s three very different skills which are comprised of several micro-skills.

If you’re not a good writer to begin with – the overwhelming majority of people aren’t – it’ll take you much longer to gain competence in the skill. You also have to enjoy or at least be comfortable with writing – few people are – and editing a lot of words.

But what if you know how to code and your day job is being a software engineer in a tech company? Why not offer those same services to other companies? Now the only skills you have to pick up are finding clients and sales (both easier than they sound.)

You can decide to become a consultant, find your first client, invoice them, and get paid today.

Compare this to other business models like:

  • Flipping

  • Trading

  • eCommerce

  • Content creation

It’ll be weeks before you start making money and months before you can do it full-time, if that’s your goal. The fastest way to earn an income online is to use the skills you already have and exchange time for money.

But I don’t want another job!

Are you doing something more important with that time? You are not. You’re watching 8 hours of reaction videos on YouTube.

But I want passive income!

That’s a pipe dream until you’re wealthy enough to make your money work for you. Everyone starts making money online by exchanging time for money. Walk before you can crawl.

Note: playing Russian Roulette on crypto or stocks doesn’t count.

Bonus: If you want to make money as a freelance writer

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