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PLUS: Male Loneliness Epidemic, Barbie movie review

“It’s a really well-written book that hits home, that’s what I’d say, for any man who’s got any self-consciousness about himself as a man.”
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If last week’s issue is any indication I can see why “gender wars” content does so well. The top 3 clicked-on links were on the subject of gyal. And while we will cover it when it’s newsletter-worthy–there are a few in this issue, for example–that type of content attracts a low-quality audience. It ain’t just us who think this way, other content creators have mentioned it to us too.

ICYMI, read last week’s issue here.

This came up on a recent episode of the James Altucher podcast so I looked it up. Apparently the universe isn’t 13.7 billion years old like scientists believed. A new study says it might be 26.7 billion years old. Do these scientists know anything for sure?

Think about who you’re trusting. Reminds me of the hassle Dr. Ali Ataie dealt with from Muslims when a clip of him discussing geocentricism and the flat earth theory went viral. Midwit Muzzies lost it, forgetting that believing the earth is flat won’t affect where you end up in the Afterlife.

Oh and by the way, how far is it from Earth to the edge of the universe? (Read my interaction with @pearsonified)

Another banger from r/muslimmarriage. They went on a trip and her husband got along too well with his in-laws. This was her reaction. This is a brat who’s never been held accountable for her behaviour.

What would you do in this situation if you’re the husband? Hit reply and let me know.

Interesting to me, if you read the replies, is how many men and women think the marriage can survive this. Also, what emotional insanity is to women, penile insanity is to men (that’s a hypothetical btw.)

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So there’s a manhood retreat happening, and we’re not talking about shrinkage when you jump in the pool. Aug 28-30th in Lincolnshire, UK. Confirmed speakers include Mohammed Hijab, Ali Dawah and Musa Adnan. You’re gonna need a sleeping bag. Register here.

So there’s this short making the rounds. A female street interviewer asking Muslim women their mehr requirements. I won’t spoil it for you. But I want you to go watch it, then come back and tell me if you’d pay that much in mahr. Doesn’t matter if you’re a bachelor or married. Hit reply and let me know.

Good video by YouTuber Shoe0nHead where she covers men’s issues and why young men are gravitating to male leaders like Andrew Tate, as opposed to leftist voices. Her discovery may shock you. Then again, it may be obvious. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

But more important than the video are the comments. You’ll see the extent of the problem young non-Muslim men are dealing with. And while I won’t pretend Muslim men don’t deal with these issues too…

Here’s an excellent review by Dr. Jean-François Gariépy on the subtext and true message hidden in the Barbie movie. I haven’t watched the movie yet but after he broke it down, I may have to see for myself.

I completed reading the 40 hadith on masculinity book today, and mashaa Allah, it is the best book on the topic I have found in English.

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