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Bismillah. Some old news, some new news, all good news in shaa Allah. We live in the best timeline and every day is more entertaining than the last. In this issue:

  • Tranny has a mental breakdown because she discovers how hard it is to be a man.

  • Do we need “halal” crypto? New article by the akhis at Bitcoin Majlis published.

  • Oman recognizes Bitcoin as Shariah-compliant money.

  • A complete course on improving your style, gratis. Compliments of coach Tanner Guzy.

  • So-called shaykha thinks a man who breaks off an engagement needs to pay a bint compensation for emotional damage

…And more!


“I completed reading the 40 hadith on masculinity book today, and mashaa Allah, it is the best book on the topic I have found in English.”

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💰 Money

You can’t slap Halal or Islamic on something and make it so. The Islamic version of something is just doing the thing with ihsan. That means adhering to the Shariah, which is a given, and doing it well. Once you realize this you’ll know many things called Islamic simply aren’t. And being a Muslim isn’t a prerequisite of doing a thing Islamically.

Here’s a perfect example. Since cryptocurrencies became a thing, many attempts have been made my Muslims to slap a “Shariah compliant” label on crypto projects. The problem is it’s all bulls***. This article by the Bitcoin Majlis explains the issue and tells you why Bitcoin is the only project Muslims should invest their time and energy into.

“After years of deep contemplation, the Omani government has come to the conclusion that bitcoin and the infrastructure being built around the network is worth investing in and endorsing. Even more critical, after years of diving into the details of bitcoin and its monetary policy the Omani government came to the conclusion that bitcoin is Sharia compliant money, which is massive in more ways than one.” – Mart Bent, tftc.io

“Given Oman's conservative nature and its emphasis on Islamic law, introducing a concept as disruptive as bitcoin mining required significant deliberation. But after rigorous regulatory discussions that started back in 2019, the government of Oman eventually found bitcoin to be in line with Islamic law, accepting the modern innovation into Oman's deep-rooted traditions.” – Forbes

Dubai should’ve done this first but credit where due. W Oman.

I’m linking to this article by Jack Raines in the Young Money newsletter. Some good advice in here though I don’t know if I agree with it all. My main problem with it is he assumes going to university is a given and that is not the case. I’m an entrepreneur and the trope in my circles is college is a waste of time and money. The real answer is it depends. Now, young man, the question you have to ask yourself is this. Do I want to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt on an it depends? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Maybe you won’t have to go into debt because you have access to free or cheap higher education. But do not take this decision lightly.

And fathers, if you’ve got enough money to pay for your son’s university education, think long and hard about what the world might look like 10, 15 or 20 years from now. My son is a child and we won’t have to make this decision for another decade at least. What will the world look like in 2040? What jobs were made obsolete? What jobs were created? The world our sons will live in is not the world we live in.

This is also why it’s crucial to choose a woman who is intelligent enough to grok this. If the two of you don’t share this understanding, your children will suffer. Marrying a dumb broad with a MFA and $200,000 in student loans is a recipe for disaster. And yes, she is dumb. Because how can she be intelligent if she thinks it’s a good decision to go 6 figures into debt she’ll be paying off for the rest of her life?


“It’s a really well-written book that hits home, that’s what I’d say, for any man who’s got any self-consciousness about himself as a man.”

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🌏 Around the Internet

So there’s this alleged shaykha who’s promoting something called metafiqh and she’s published a fatwa that applies this framework. Retards are calling it groundbreaking and all the usual superlatives. In reality it’s nothing more than intellectual debility, imbecility and pusillanimty.

If you want to know how stupid it is, here’s the upshot. An akh gets engaged to a bint. During the engagement while they’re getting to know each other, they have a fight. Akh breaks off the engagement and blocks her on all socials. Bint is traumatized and wants to know what recourse she has Islamically. Our so-called shaykha concludes, using metafiqh, that

  • Akh has to pay bint a fine equal to ½ of the upfront mahr or $1000, whichever is higher.

  • Akh is banned from marrying anyone else for a year.


Who needs Netflix when reality is this much fun? The fatwa is so atrocious several scholars named in the credits have asked to be removed and have disassociated from the fatwa.

I’m not going to link to the fatwa because I don’t want to waste your time. I will, however, link to Abdullah Yousef’s accurate and entertaining critique of said fatwa. And here’s another critique by Adil Khan. I’ll also share this proposal by a wise akh.

“Putting together an online institute where we study the sciences purely from other people’s mistakes. The nahw course will be watching Uthman Bin Farooq’s blunders, tajwid will be watching JaFed Hashmi’s recitations and usul al-fiqh will be reading the metafiqh pdf. Fiqh will be looking at Assim Al-Hakeem’s “fatwas” and ‘aqidah we’ll watch Jake the Muslim Metaphysician’s videos. For mantiq we’ll just let any woman speak.”

Anonymous Muslim Twitter akh

A wise older Arab man once told me, “when men seek knowledge they become more humble. When women seek knowledge they become more arrogant.” On the face of it, such a generalization seems ridiculous. But my lived experience has shown it to be true. Much of human wisdom hasn’t been verified by double blind, placebo controlled studies but that doesn’t make it any less true or any less wise.

56. Beware becoming manifest before becoming qualified. It is said, “Whosoever manifests himself before his time has manifested himself to humiliation.”

62. Half-baked intellectualism. The seeker should beware introducing innovative thoughts or ideologies before they are fully developed.

Excerpt from The Seeker’s Regalia.

A few years ago, Andrew Tate did an interview with psychologist David Sutcliffe. It is one of his best interviews. We got to see the mindset that made the man, and only someone like Sutcliffe had the ability to ask the questions that revealed it. Sutcliffe recently flew to Romania for round 2.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Andrew Tate uncomfortable in an interview. Not uncomfortable in a combative sense. He thrives in those situations. But uncomfortable in the sense that for the first time, there was no opponent to conquer. Sutcliffe’s probing questions and ability to hold space were masterful. Please watch it.

And when you’re done watching that, watch the new Tate x Alex Jones interview.

A transman – that is, female to male – went viral recently when she had a mental breakdown on TikTok talking about how lonely the male experience is. What’s interesting about the clip is you hear a woman’s brain speaking through a male voice. Man the f*** up p***y.

“Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.”

Omni-Man to his son, Invincible

But this is not the first time a woman has been in such a situation. Norah Vincent lived as a man for 2 years and wrote a book about it. Then she killed herself.

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A couple of years ago, bodybuilding journalist and author John Little started uploading recordings of phone calls, seminars and audiobooks from Golden Era bodybuilder Mike Mentzer. Since then, Mentzer’s teachings have experienced a resurgence. He’s eloquent and articulate and had a beautiful body. Most of all his ideas about training and nutrition make sense. So clips of him have been going viral all over the internet. The source, however, is John Little’s Heavy Duty College.

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