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Bismillah. Slow couple of weeks for relevant content. We had a doozy planned with this video published by Salman Ateequi exposing his crazy ex-wife. But we’re trying to stick to our editorial policy and it doesn’t meet the requirements. We could publish every day if all we did was reaction content and drama.

In this issue:

  • Muslim entrepreneur takes on Big Soap

  • Qawwam issue 2 has a surprise for you courtesy of MuslimMan™

  • Creating Islam-inspired art with artificial intelligence

  • Why you shouldn’t simp and call it ihsan

  • You’re not broke, you’re lazy

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💼 Entrepreneurship

If you’re thinking of launching an online community - free or paid - cCircle is hosting a 2-day virtual summit. They’ve got 10 speakers and 9 workshops lined up. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of what it takes to launch and grow a successful online community. Plus, MuslimMan™ founder Nabeel Azeez is giving away his Community Launch Quickstart, 5 bonuses to help you launch your community by October 1st 2023. Save your spot at the Future of Communities Summit here.

Muslim entrepreneur Majd has launched his new cosmetics brand, Soaps of the Levant and he’s taking pre-orders. Mass-market soaps smell nice and leave you “feeling clean” but they contain ingredients that are harmful for your skin and health in the long-run. But Soaps of the Levant uses 100% organic ingredients, all hand-picked from the Prophetic tradition. Get your soap here.

A new TikTok trend has Canadians crying on camera about how the cost of living is so high and they’re barely getting by. This is a superb way to gain an audience’s sympathy. But on closer examination it looks like they have the life they want. Nabeel Azeez runs the numbers on how anyone can make an extra $500-$1000 per month. Or you can cry about it.

🎨 Arts & Culture

We’ve mentioned men’s magazine Qawwam and its founder and editor-in-chief Abdullah Yousef several times here at MuslimMan™. Qawwam’s inaugural was excellent and issue 2 looks even better. Read it online or download a pdf.

What’s inside issue 2:

  • In Defense of Polygyny: a Toolkit for Men

  • One-on-one with philosopher Hasan Spiker

  • Martial Artist Ferdaws Ashrati shares an excerpt from his war novel, The Creed of the Mountains

  • A special collaboration between Qawwam and MuslimMan™

  • …And much more!

If you’d like to use artificial intelligence to create breath-taking works of art, AkhiTweet has created a detailed guide on how to use the most popular AI image generator, MidJourney. Watch him over-the-shoulder as he shows you everything you need to know so you can start generating your own art in minutes. Get instant access.

“It’s a really well-written book that hits home, that’s what I’d say, for any man who’s got any self-consciousness about himself as a man.”
Malek H, father

“I completed reading the 40 hadith on masculinity book today, and mashaa Allah, it is the best book on the topic I have found in English.”
Ismail Kamdar, Islamic Self-Help author and teacher

💍 Marriage

Salman Ateequi went public regarding the false accusations made against him by his ex-wife, Muslim dawah circuit speaker Dunia Shuaib. While this video is a lot of he-said-she-said, it’s important for you to watch as a Muslim man. As we listened to Salman narrate his ordeal, one thing stood out to us. This man thinks simping and ihsan are the same thing. You can watch it for yourself and tell us whether you agree or disagree. But in his own words he says:

  • He believed her likely-false claims about her first husband

  • He had a secret relationship with her for 4 years before they got married

  • He met with her several times in secret after they were divorced

  • He spent by our estimates $100,000+ on her over an 18-month period, including a $20,000 mahr which he forgave after their khul’

  • He handled her marketing, prepared her coursework and lectures, and ghostwrote her articles

Here’s a separate observation regarding inviting Western speakers to Islamic events in Muslim countries. These people aren’t worth our time.

We’re flying them halfway across the world and paying them thousands of dollars in speaker fees, for what? Just because they speak English and are “relatable” doesn’t mean we should take our religion from them. If you watch Salman’s video and the follow-ups he’s published since, he mentions several of the most famous speakers on the dawah circuit today. You’ll notice these Muslim speakers don’t have their own lives in order let alone the communities they lead.

Imagine flying out… and paying… a twice-divorced woman… who has falsely accused both of her ex-husbands of abuse… and who doesn’t prepare her own teaching material… to give a lecture on how to have a successful marriage.

We seek refuge in Allah from stupidity.

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