💣 International Day of What Now?

Plus: A Mawlawi's Guide to Ghazzah

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Bismillah. We know what’s on your mind. And everyone’s talking about it. So we won’t bother you with our hot takes. We leave that to more informed minds. Instead, we continue to focus on what we can control and the people in our sphere of influence. In this issue:

  • Maulana Hamza Maqbul’s report on Ghazzah

  • Dr. Shadee El Masry: Cosmology, Epistemology, Methodology

  • What you can do as a Muslim man in times like these

🌍 Current Events

In this report you will find:

  • The Occupation and Dismembering of Palestine

  • Ghazzah and Its Condition

  • The Events of October 7th and Those Subsequent

  • The Occupier’s Response

  • What Does It Mean to Us Outside Palestine?

  • The Military War vs. The Media War

  • Does This Mean We Support Hamas?

  • Our Sacred Beliefs Regarding Those Who Resist

  • What You Can and Must Do

  • Who Is Writing This Tract and What Is the Point?

  • Resources

🎙 Interviews

This was one of the earliest interviews we did and also one of our most popular. Dr. Shadee goes back to basics with some much-needed repetition of the fundamentals of our faith and worldview. He also has some blunt, necessary advice for Muslim men at the end of the interview. It’s a sign of a good sheikh. Listen now.

📚 Books

At the risk of being pilloried and excoriated we’ll say, in situations like these, raving like a woman on social media is not the best use of your time or energy. And the reason why a lot of men are acting like women is that they don’t know what’s expected of them. Reading the introduction to 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man can give you some idea.

Never allow your good intentions to be used for ill.


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