MuslimMan™ Digest Issue #1

Book announcement, man of the week, Magic Mirror, bro-epistemology and more

Stoked to announce our first product, 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to be a Good Man. We sat down with Dr. Salah Sharief, founder and CEO of Wordsmiths, whose research team we commissioned to curate the book. The interview covered:

  • Why he agreed to work on this project and why he believes it's important.

  • The special nature of masculinity in Islam compared to other traditions and what topics the book will cover.

  • What it takes to produce a work of this nature: the process, the time required, etc.

...And much more.

You can order your copy here to get a special bonus.

Muslim Man of the Week

Congratulations to Dr. Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali on the release of his new book, There is no Male-Preference in Islam, a translation of a work by one of his teachers, the late Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ta'wil (may Allah have mercy on him.)

Dr. Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali

Watch the book launch event here. Order your copy of the book here.

Side note: Dr. Abdullah wrote the best article on masculinity we've read, Prophetic Pugilism & the Freedom Principle.

What We're Reading

This piece by Megha Verma may contain the greatest passage in English ever written.

Over the last decade or more, it has been consistently demonstrated that so-called “meat-head bros” are consistently right about everything from politics to relationships to nutrition... Firstly, their mind is healthier because their bodies are healthier... Secondly, Bros, in their path to becoming Bros in the first place, had no choice but to come to terms with reality.

Megha Verma

Plot twist: Megha is a girl.

This piece by Niels K teaches you about the Magic Mirror and why you get triggered by things you see or hear. Niels posted an innocuous tweet that made the front page of Reddit, which ended up in a brigade on his Twitter.

If you've never heard of the Magic Mirror, watch this for an explanation.

What We're Watching

Emergency Meeting Live by the Tate brothers:

At MuslimMan™ we won't tell you not to listen to so-and-so or not to read so-and-so. That's an insult to your intelligence. Watch Andrew and Tristan Tate if you want. Or not. Tate the good and leave the bad.

Side note: We know Andrew. He and his brother are both gentlemen.

Russian School of Boxing/Frolov Boxing School:

Alexey Frolov is, in our opinion, the best online boxing coach.

Mastering your voice is a superpower: 

"Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic."

Rasulullah ﷺ - Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 5767

Seen on Social Media

This interviewer asked men and women, "If the Grim Reaper comes and asks 'Should I take your life or your lover?' who do you choose?" Watch their answers:

That's all for now. Remember to order your copy of 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to be a Good Man.

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