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🥷 Ninja Recording: BBC Interviews MuslimMan

Terrible Audio, EPIC Content

If you can bear with the awful audio quality of this recording, you are going to really enjoy this interview. Recently I was interviewed by the BBC for their Heart and Soul podcast on a documentary episode about Muslim masculinity and the rise of the Muslim manosphere.

Now, when I recorded this interview, I had to record it off of a screen share, I didn't actually get the Zoom recording. I asked them for the recording but they said no it's not according to their terms. So I had to sort of ninja record it and then the audio quality turned out to be really bad. So I had to manually go through and increase the levels on each segment of the host's questions or audio.

Well, that's done now and the podcast is out on BBC Heart and Soul. You can go watch it. What I would suggest though, is that you watch this first, or listen to this interview first, and then go watch the BBC interview because the full interview, the full unedited interview will give you more context on what was talked about, the tone of the discussion, the overall vibe as opposed to the chopped up clips that you're going to hear on the BBC Heart and Soul podcast, which were edited to fit the story that they were trying to tell.

So here's the interview. Enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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