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What is good writing? (applies to all media)

If the reader doesn't feel, you failed

We receive many replies from interested writers. Their enthusiasm is a good sign. But the writing wasn't good enough. And every piece submitted suffered from the same problem.

It was soulless. As a reader, I felt nothing. If the reader feels nothing, you failed.

And even when some interested writers attempted to communicate emotion, it was a facsimile. They thought, “What would emotional writing look like?” and wrote that instead of feeling the emotion. Like Bruce Lee said...

“What was that, an exhibition? We need emotional content!”

Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon

It's not easy to do. But this is merely a symptom of deeper issue. And it's my fault for not letting people know when I called for contributors.

MuslimMan™ isn't a blog for Islamic Reminders. We are a lifestyle brand (I'll be talking about this more soon.)

When you write for us, you don't need to sound like your favorite scholar or preacher. You need to sound like you. And you can only do this if you write what you know.

Tell me about real humans living real lives having real experiences. That is interesting. That is worth publishing. Not something that reads like a high school paper for your Islamic Studies elective.

But what if you don't have first-hand experience in what you want to write about? Sinple. Go get the experience or interview people who have. In this case, you're a journalist. And as long as the subject is interesting or entertaining, we can publish that too.

If you'd like to contribute to MuslimMan™, email [email protected] with story ideas and examples of your writing. And we aren't only looking for writers. We're also looking for men who want to create other media. As long as you're a Muslim man with a point of view and something to say, we're willing to give you a shot.

“To express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself...now THAT, my friend, is very hard to do.”

Bruce Lee

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