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We’re a little late to the party but that’s ‘cause we were in two minds whether to publish a reaction to this public statement by American imams and scholars:

We don’t like reaction content at MuslimMan™. Nevertheless, this public statement is the halwa molvi in the room, so it behooves us to cover it. Ultimately, we realized we don’t need to post our own thoughts, just curate others’. This selection is only the material we’ve come across and isn’t comprehensive. We’re only sharing men–obviously–and the reactions we generally agree with.

First up we have Daniel Haqiqatjou’s live stream, “Dark Legacy Continues,” where he examines the document line by line. Many of Haqiqatjou’s critics argue he’s taking the worst possible interpretation of the statement’s wording. Daniel argues the statement needs to be read critically in the context of the current socio-political climate and actions of the scholars who authored and are promoting it.

The crux of Daniel’s reaction stream is this:

  • The authors of the statement have taken over a decade to issue a public statement that gay sex is haram, there are only two genders and people are only held accountable for actions, not desires.

  • The tone of statement is obsequious and bears nothing in resemblance to the tone of the Quran when addressing these issues.

  • Lot’s (peace be upon him) wife wanted to peacefull coexist with the People of Lot; look how that turned out.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire 3h45m recording, we recommend at least watching from 2:47:50 to 2:52:55. His caricature of the authors of the statement is hilarious and you’ll find a lot of truth in that humour.

Abdullah delivers his reaction via a fictional account of the origins of a statement called “Maneuvering Distinctions: Clarifying Sex And Gender in Islam.” Besides the fact that this fictional statement is clearer and leaves less room for interpretation than Navigating Differences, the real issue is the backdrop in which the story takes place. And when you read them one after the other, in context, the statement is limp-wristed and not at all a proportionate response. I found this passage particularly entertaining,

Asiya Mahmoud, the popular Muslim mom blogger, weeps as her trans child, Junaida, is rescued by a local QUEER division, the newest addition to many local police forces across the country aimed at securing the safety and rights of LGBTQ children.

The article itself elaborated. Dawood’s face took a malformed shape as his eyes drifted up and down the paragraphs he was reading. In the middle of the article was a picture of the child, Junaida, standing rotundly as she took a selfie with the QUEER division officers beside her.

“…as one might expect, these decisions are never easy,” says Chief DeShawnda, the officer in charge of the QUEER division that transported Alison to safe care, “it was the usual excuses you hear from these types. ‘My child is autistic, not trans’ and ‘they’re too young to know that’ are what we hear most, but after lots of experience around the block it’s all the same.”

Abdullah Yousef

In addition to his short story, Abdullah hosted a Twitter Space where he and Hamza Malik did an informal recap of the various reactions to the statement. It’s a little over 90 minutes long.

An anonymous author wrote this critique and digs deeper into the “proportionate response” aspect of the Navigating Differences statement. To quote:

Another glaring issue is how out-of-touch this statement is with reality. I do genuinely understand the effort to speak within the context and legal landscape of the United States, but the time to discuss rights and liberties is long gone. Laws are frequently passed and repealed on a state and federal level to increase the power that the perverted gender ideologues have over our society, at the expense of religious, financial, and other private liberties.

Across the country, children are being subjected to pornographic books in their school libraries, pedophilic men dressed as flamboyant women (calling themselves drag queens) are visiting classrooms, ordinary people are losing their jobs if they express the mildest disapproval, school counselors are brainwashing students into believing that they are in the wrong body, girls are being forced to share locker rooms and bathrooms with mentally unstable boys dressed in skirts, children are being mutilated and sterilized by physicians in the name of medicine, and degenerate academics are bullying students and colleagues into silence (if they are unable to prevent them from getting hired/accepted to the universities in the first place).

On the rare occasions when our leaders did address gender ideology (beyond their reflexive affirmations that “we Muslims respect everyone!”), they would make completely ignorant claims that often revolved around the belief that supporting perverted liberties is in our interest since we are also a marginalized minority group. If they are not yet embarrassed by having held this position, then they either have serious ego problems or debilitating intellectual deficiencies.


“It’s a really well-written book that hits home, that’s what I’d say, for any man who’s got any self-consciousness about himself as a man.”
Malek H, father ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I completed reading the 40 hadith on masculinity book today, and mashaa Allah, it is the best book on the topic I have found in English.”
Ismail K, author and coach ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I feel like women who are in my position who are searching for an ideal partner definitely you should read this book… I set up my online marriage profile with it too… And I also use this book as a guide to make questions to ask these men to see what type of man they are.”
Huda S, artist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Chad Hominem

I came across this infographic yesterday and it describes how you win debates in the real world.

However, they forgot to include the ultimate argument, Might is Right. In latin, Argumentum Ad Potentium. Violence is the logical conclusion of any disagreement that cannot be resolved. And the victor is correct.

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