How to get my new book for free (Youtube molvi says I must give it away)

Had an interesting back and fort with a youtube commenter when I first announced 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man. I’ll share it with you because it’s a demonstration of the ignorance-based-faux-religiosity that plagues so many Muslims. His comments are in quotes and mine are in italics.

“Woe, then, unto those who write down, with their own hands, [something which they claim to be] divine writ, and then say. ‘This is from God,’ in order to acquire a trifling gain thereby; woe, then, unto them for what their hands have written, and woe unto them for all that they may have gained.” Brothers, a kind reminder, this information shouldn’t be at a price but rather should be spread for free. Should we really be charging for something which we want the entire ummah to learn?”

So according to him, me compiling verses from the Quran and authentic hadith from the Messenger of Allah ﷺ is the same as the Jews inventing stuff and saying its from Allah.

And notice how they always act so humble. As if they can’t conceive of being wrong. They’re so sure of themselves. “Brother, a sincere nasiha from me…” “This is a reminder to myself, first and foremost…”

“We should and we are. You’re welcome to do all the work described from 21:32-24:25 – assuming you have the requisite expertise and experience – and then publish a competing book for free.”

Producing 40 Hadith on Masculinity: How to Be a Good Man, has cost me, so far, $9,000. Research, translation, editing, design, publishing and distribution. 500 man-hours of work, easily. Book sales have recovered most of that but I haven’t broken even yet. And I still have more investments to make. Audio book. Official translations. Marketing.

Keyboard molvis are most generous with their kind reminders and sincere nasihas. They’re nowhere to be found when it’s time to invest in a project like this.

That’s the whole point, that you should be doing the work for free and benefiting in the Akhira not the Dunya….. can’t believe I’ve had to come back 1 year later to explain it as well….Common sense clearly is not common any more -> the equivalent of what you’re doing is basically volunteering for a charity and asking them to pay you a full salary… don’t work for the deen for money, you do it for the good deeds, regardless of how “hard” it is.

See what I mean? They can’t imagine the possibility of being wrong. This is jahl murakkab.

“Should have stayed away rather than waste my and the audience’s time again. Speaking about the Deen without knowledge is a sin. Make tawbah and spend more time learning your religion. Quran teachers can charge a fee for teaching the Quran. Zakat collectors are paid from the zakat they collect. These 2 examples are much more a case of “working for the Deen” than producing and publishing a book of information. And there are many other examples. I’ll tell you what, though. I’m working on another book. The cost of production – research, translating, editing, publishing, distribution – is a little under $20,000. Let’s call it $25,000 to cover any future costs. You finance its publication and I’ll give the book away for free. Email me at and I’ll send you instructions on how to send payment. Don’t back out now. You’re doing it for the good deeds, remember?”

I’m talking about 40 Hadith on Femininity: How to Be a Good Woman. Why does it cost more than double? Because my research team severely underestimated the cost of producing the first book. As a result they under-quoted me by more than 50%. To their credit, they ate the cost. However, they learned from that experience and my investment in the second book reflects that.

That 20k doesn’t all go to the research team, by the way. Some of that goes to my editor, who’ll get the book ready for publication. Some of that goes to cover design. I paid a professional artist to do the first one and I’m going to hire him again to do the second so there’s a matching vibe. It’s a 2-book set after all. And some of it will go to produce the audiobook.

That being said, I’ll extend the same invitation to you that I made to youtube molvi sahib. If you think me charging 20 bucks for this book is haram, put up 25k and I’ll give it away for free. Put up 50k and I’ll give both books away for free. Or if you’re a true philanthropist for this Ummah like Uthman ibn Affan and Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf, may Allah be pleased with them…

Buy 100,000 copies and give them away 👉

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